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Landry Bender is an American star who became prominent for her phenomenal acts on Disney Channel shows including Best Friends Whenever and Crash & Bernstein. Her first feature film role, Blithe, in The Sitter also made a statement in the entertainment world. Here is all you need to know about this rare talent that is taking the acting arena by storm.

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New Orleans Saints’ Michael Thomas is on his way to becoming the best ever wide receiver in the National Football league (NFL) as the numbers already suggest. Along with the abilities that come naturally, Thomas is known for his excellent work ethic and drive as well as his extreme humility in public and willingness to learn from others.

It is, however, a different story outside the limelight as the 2016 Pro Football Writers Association All-Rookie Team member also has extreme confidence in his abilities. This can be seen through his self-given nickname “Can’t Guard Mike” which has led to some other players label him as “arrogant.”

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Smooth voice? check, Blue eyes? check, hunky bod – check. Dustin Lynch is arguably one of the most talented and sexiest modern country singers around today. Since kicking off his music career in 2011, Dustin Lynch has only gotten better by the year. At least 5 of his singles have topped the Country Airplay charts and his records have sold over 7 million copies in the US alone. Follow us as we throw more light on his career, romantic life and sexuality.

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In this 21st century when the evolution of technology has compressed the whole world into a small space, thanks to the internet, anyone’s life can change in an unimaginably short time. Take Karina Garcia for instance, she grew from obscurity to fame within just three years for just making “SLIME!” When Garcia posted her first video on YouTube in 2015, she never thought that three years later, she’d be featured on Forbes, own her own toy company and even get to close mega deals with top brands.

In her words, her success still seems like a dream and it is all thanks to the fact that she merely chose to pursue her daydream. The odds were in her favor and her hobby soon became a career. Millions of kids across the world watch her YouTube videos and practically idolize her. Here is the awe-inspiring story of her journey to the top.

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Bobby Brown was born into a poor home but music created a path to fame for him and an escape from the suffering he grew up in. The multi-faceted personality popularly known as Bobby Brown was born Robert Barisford Brown on February 5, 1969, in Boston, Massachusetts.

The singer was parented by Herbert James Brown and Carole Elizabeth Williams who were both poor earners. His father, Herbert, was a construction worker while his mother, Carole, was a schoolteacher. Some reports say Bobby Brown has seven siblings while some others record five siblings. However, only two of his siblings are known – Leolah and Tommy Brown.

Brown’s interest in music was kindled when he was only three years old as he watched legendary James Brown perform in Boston. As his passion for music burned, he joined the church choir while he was growing and was exceptional in the group as his voice stood out form the rest.

Coming from a very poor background, Brown had to do what he could to survive and so he got involved with gangsters and resorted to stealing. An incident where his friend was stabbed to death when he was eleven years old would forever redirect his steps from the streets and get him back to school.

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Instagram is a hub for classy celebrities like Savannah Ramirez who are all about the life of glitz and glam. Savannah is a make-up artist and an Instagram star who has continued to grow her presence on the platform. She is known for posting pictures of her elegant works online, as well as photos with her sister Ireland Boys. Many have come to know Savannah through her sister Cierra, an actress and singer known for several notable works. Find out more about the makeup artist as you scroll through this piece.

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Jihad Ward plays American football in the National Football League (NFL) with the Ireland Boys and Connor Williams. While Ward is preparing to be in action for the Cowboys in the 2018 season starting in September; he has been working on improving his defensive skills so he could match up with the expectations from the Cowboys. We wish him the very best in his career with the Cowboys.

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